Agrimony Believed to remove hexes and jinxes. Purifying & cleansing. $3.00
Angelica Healing and protective especially attuned to the female energies. Use to bless new babies. $3.00
Bayberry Root Is used to draw money. Place in a cash register or under the front door-mat. $3.00
Bayberry Root
Blessed Thistle For protection at home or business. $3.00
Blessed Thistle
Blue Vervain This herb is excellent against jinxes & curses. It is a powerful repellent of the "evil eye" and helps in many conditions from love to marriage to success. $3.00
Blue Vervain
Calamus A strong root of domination & control it also breaks jinxes is tied to "willpower" and is very lucky. $3.00
Calendula Helps with prophesy and dreams and is also used by folks to help them win in court. $3.00
Catnip Makes men "cat-crazy" in love with you. It is a popular herb in money and love work $3.00
Celery Seed A powerful aid in psychic power and prophetic dreams. $3.00
Celery Seed
Chamomile One of the most popular money drawing herbs it is often used in money mojos and also to sooth nerves. $3.00
Clover (Red) Helps with fidelity in marriage, love magic and keeping a lover true to you. $3.00
Red Clover
Damiana Sex!!! This herb increases lust and desire as well as helps the person who uses it to have charisma. It can also bring back a lover who has gone astray. $3.00
Deer's Tongue A richly scented herb that causes you to have eloquence in speech. It is used in court cases or when ever you need to be heard. $3.00
Deer's Tongue
Dittany of Crete Long used to call upon the dead and honor them. Burn with myrrh and dragon's blood. $3.00
Dittany of Crete
Dog Grass Root Used to stuff doll babies to control a person or jinx an enemy. Also used to break up lovers. $3.00
Dog Grass Root
Elderberries Held sacred to the Fae, these berries are said to help those who wish to hide from the law. $3.00
Five Finger Grass Long considered one of the "luckiest' herbs in Hoodoo it brings to you all that you desire because like the witches hand of power it grasps all. $3.00
Five Finger Grass
Galangal Root
(Little John)
The famed "court case root" this is chewed when one enters the court room. $3.00
Galangal Root
Grains of Paradise Use these when you are looking for a job and for securing the job you already have. $3.00

Grains of Paradise
Greek Myrtle Is sacred to the Goddess Aphrodite and it is said that this herb brings success in love. $3.00

Greek Myrtle
Hyssop Is used in the Bible as a protective and cleansing herb. It can be used in baths and in floor washes. $3.00
Irish Moss

Business Drawing, Money, Good Fortune

Irish Moss
Jasmine Flowers Love work, moon magic, and subtle magic. $3.00
Jezebel Root Is used by women to dominate men. Prostitutes use it to get men to pay them. $3.00
Jezebel Root
Lemongrass Powder Used to purify and take off jinxes, curses and hexes. $3.00
Lemongrass Powder
Lavender Flowers For harmony, peace and serenity with friends and lovers. $3.00
Mandrake Root (cut) Banal witching herb, used for poppet work, empowering spells and for psychic vision. TOXIC! $3.00
Mandrake Root
Master of the Woods Is used for mastering any situation. It is used for strength, overpowering enemies and to command any situation in your way. $3.00
Master of the Woods
Meadowsweet Is sacred to the May King and Queen and is often used in faery magic. $3.00
Mistletoe Is favored by the fae and keeps away evil. It protects against love jinxes. $3.00
Mugwort Protection, vision and psychic powers; it also aids in spirit work and dreaming. $3.00
Mullein Protection against demons and enemies but can be used to call demons and darker spirits. It is not a substitute for graveyard dirt. $3.00
Nettle A strong jinx remover and breaker it is a very protective herb. It is best used when sprinkled. $3.00
Oak Moss Is sacred to the forest and the Horned God, used in virility formulas and empowerment for men. $3.00
Oak Moss
Orris Root Is a strong love drawing root. It is a superior love drawing root and has been used in many happy love and marriage formulas. $3.00
Orris Root
Patchouli Leaf Money drawing but as a twisting herb it should be combined with other herbs, abundance drawing and love drawing. $3.00
Patchouli Leaf
Rue (Ruda) Breaks jinxes and hexes and wards from the evil eye. $3.00
Solomon's Seal Clarity in decision making, wisdom and success in difficult situations especially court cases. $3.00
Solomon's Seal
St John's Wort A powerful protection from evil forces, it offers wisdom and spirit knowledge. Some workers use it for trance journeys. $3.00
St John's Wort
Storax Bark Gets someone out of your life, jinxes and hexes. $3.00
Storax Bark
Vandal Root Used in both jinxing and cursing as well as protecting from cursing. $3.00
Vandal Root
Wormwood Psychic vision, seeing spirits, spirit contact and protection. $3.00

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